The Yellow Throated Marten Eats the Blank Waves

by Blank Waves

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sandubogi This is damn fun! Favorite track: Out There in the Garden.
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released January 4, 2020

All songs written, recorded, performed, arranged, mixed, produced, etc. by Cody Hazelle and Ninos Karaman in their various homes and on their various computers.

Drums performed by Jacob Mal on Desolations, Telephonic and Right There (Where You Left it).

Album art by Donovan Reeves.

Feel free to sample, mangle, use, reuse, cover, include in videos/film, whatever you'd like--just give the credit.


all rights reserved



Blank Waves Phoenix, Arizona

"The Blank Waves have released one of the most unique, acid drenched, psychedelic EPs of the year. This is old-school lo-fi psychedelia at its finest, and they make no bones about it right from the start with "Song for Syd." With a title like that, you don't need much imagination figuring out what it's going to sound like. ... more

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Track Name: Intro (Nonsequitur)
Mary: "Friedrich! Where might have you placed my bondage tools? I'll need them if my sewing circle is to be a runaway success come this evening."
Friedrich: "I placed them over there, Mary, on top of the kitchen counter, by the little Japanese bonsai your grandmother picked up for us at the swap meet last month."
Mary: "Oh."
Track Name: Out There in the Garden
Out there in the garden sits another lonely human
and she's holding silver lilies in her palms
Then appears a creature and he sidles up beside her
and her words and all her features turn him on


"Well then maybe yes I guess that I should thank you lady"
and his eyes were withered cherries as he spoke
"I've been running circles in my cursed circumstances since my lover left for good some time ago."


She said "Dear I'm sorry that we hadn't met much sooner or I could've made things better for us both.
Tell me are you with me now and do you feel as I do because if I am alone I can't go on..."
"No dear god is calling me and it's him I must be following so I pray you find the one you find your one."


She's got to be lonely
She's got to be one
Track Name: Semisequitur
You may wake up one day and your life has passed you by
it's too easy to open your eyes and criticize
so you try

You know all too well the things in life that need your time
dare you one day not to give your famous alibi
so you try

and every breath gets shorter til you're blind in both eyes
sometimes think that sometimes some things should be occupied
and even though it's nonsense since you've been a gambler
yes and so then it appears to be nonsequitur
Track Name: Chessboxing Champion
I was the champion
of the chessboxing tournament
back in 1994

I gave it my best shot
I gave it a good lot
I'm a nerd and I'm a jock

I was the champion
of the chessboxing tournament
go look it up on the internet

it's real
it's a thing
you know that it's a thing

it's real

chessboxing champion

play me in chess to see who's better at fighting
fight me to see who's better at chess
i'll put on my best pair of fighting mitts
and then put your king into check
Track Name: Desolations
Kathy drinks from her cup
and prepares his lunch she thinks this could be her final hour
the boy says something smart
as he perfects the art of filling her with laughter

she hopes he won't end up like his father
the man with the grin
who's gone with the wind
to anyone
who would let him in
his resemblance
is uncanny
and she's frightened

reverend Gabriel talks
to an empty hall he thinks he's been forsaken
he's lost all his sheep
feeling feeble and weak his heart is filled with sorrow
lord why have they made me a beggar
why would they leave?
how can it be?
do they not believe?
in you or me?
i'm uncertain
if i'm willing
and able

Now twenty years gone
for mother and son he went to fight in someone else's war
tired eyes that wept
she'd never forget the times he left her laughing
she hopes he will return a hero
a new dawn appears
she prays
he'll be standing here
when the dust all clears with nothing to fear
her hands run
through the pages
of their scrapbook
Track Name: Telephonic
Telephonic hypnotic sensual eyes
looking at her with a leopard disguise
rocket woman shoots him right to the moon he goes

Shades on tight he's hip in a way
Wristwatch tom cat vancouver sway
Bulletproof style with nothing to prove he goes

Deadman walking
Saw him on the TV
or the radio

Psychedelic hip sway walking away
Sequins on his coat bangladeshi beret
Glitter bomb king on his way to the show he goes

Rock n roll calico hair to his chest
Compuphonic sting ray cellular zest
a yellow throated marten with a beard of stars he goes

Isn't it good to be lost in the woods?
so quiet there, out there in the woods
Track Name: Mescaline's the Name
Is the name of the mess we're in

It's not a pool that you're swimming in
Mescaline's the name of the mess you're in

Charming to see a big wide grin

Mescaline's the name of the mess we're in

We're not trying to behave we're just
playing may games
you know that it's the name
you know that it's the name
Track Name: Right There (Where You Left It)
Life happens all around you
So find the self inside
leave the future close behind
Make the most of every moment

Cause it's right there where you left it
Right there in your pocket and you feel it so it goes
And it's right there in your pocket
Right there where you left it and you feel it so it goes

Love is shining through a moonbeam
Silken and serene
She's a silverheaded queen
Find her light and let her live in you
Track Name: Kiri/Waiting
Kiri I've been waiting patiently for years and years for you to call
Kiri drop a line and let me know if you still feel the same at all

You're down on Washington training for championships
She can't be seen because she's busy all the time
Hair fades to turquoise and falls past your shoulders and
Once you were mermaid queen made love to all the sea
Neck wrapped in satin your photos show passion for
Plants and for wildlife look how her spirit shines
And when you're older you'll find someone bolder and
Colorful and obtuse maybe it's one day soon

You've got me lonely
I should be going
You have done it now
I should be going

toad road licked my wheel like a sabre
winds of the marsh lightly blue
oh and the stars on his shoulders
hunters of pity she slew
chariots of silk she wore
stallions of gold she rode

You're keeping me waiting

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